Leather Cleaning

Everyone loves the look and feel of a luxuriously soft leather lounge, but after time your leather becomes dirty. This dirt starts to dry and harden your leather and cracks begin to appear, while making your lounge look tired and worn. Due to specialised cleaning and maintenance required to take care of your leather you need to enlist the services of professionally trained leather cleaners.

We are trained to use specific techniques to ensure that your leather is cleaned and completely dirt free. We also understand the importance of conditioning your leather to restore the moisture and breathe life back into your leather.

Below are the steps involved in our leather cleaning system:

  1. Pre-inspection – Pre-inspection of leather to ensure that the coating is intact. If the coating has been broken because of accumulation of dirt and by soiling, then it will have to be stripped, re-coloured and resealed.
  2. Dry soil removal – Using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter we will then pre-vacuum your upholstery to remove any dirt and debris prior to cleaning.
  3. Pre-conditioning– We apply a leather cleaner and immediately it starts working to break down sweat and soil.
  4. Agitation – Agitation is done using a soft brush, sponge or pad. It breaks down body fats, oils and soil.
  5. Rinsing – Rinsing with microfiber cloth to take away all the soil.
  6. Leather Protection – We apply a leather protection cream to provide a protective coating on the leather and to restore moisture.


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