Dry Clean Package

Walk on your Carpet in 30 minutes

Dry Carpet Cleaning using Dry Fusion is a great new alternative to having your carpets cleaned if you are in need of a basic clean and need to be able to walk on your carpets in a hurry. Dry Cleaning achieves good results and allows you to walk on your carpets in approx. 30 minutes.

Dry Fusion is unique as it is the only carpet cleaning system that will hot clean, deodorise, stain protect and heat dry the carpet all in one process.

To clean your carpets using Dry Fusion, we follow the process below:

  1. Pre-Inspection – we will conduct a pre-inspection of your carpet. This will enable us to conduct fibre identification, survey any spots and stains and evaluate any existing problems with your carpet. This will also allow us to determine if the Dry Carpet Clean is suitable clean to be used on your carpets.
  2. Pre-Vacuum – we will pre-vacuum your carpets with a commercial upright vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove any dry soil & debris from your carpet prior to cleaning.
  3. Furniture Movement – we will carefully move any furniture that is required to be moved around the house to allow us access to the carpet to carry out the cleaning process.
  4. Pre-condition/Pre-spot – pre-conditioners and pre-spot treatments will be applied hot to your carpets to allow it to start to break down soiling and treat any spots.
  5. Agitation – Rotary agitation using a special agitation pad is carried out on your carpets to loosen any dirt and soiling in the carpet
  6. Dry Fusion Carpet Clean (Combined with Stain Guard & Antimicrobial Protection) – We use the special Dry Fusion Machine to clean your carpets. This machine is unique as there is no wetness as the system contains its own drying system which allows it to clean and dry at the same time. It also has stain and soil protection built in to protect your carpets. This system is impressive as due to the drying time for carpet cleaning as your carpets will be dry and able to be walked on in only 30 minutes
  7. Dry Padding – We will rotary dry pad your carpets to ensure there is no additional moisture and reduce the drying time. This also aids in picking up any remaining remnants of soiling and brightens your carpets leaving them up to 20% cleaner
  8. Furniture Movement – we will carefully move your furniture back into their required original positions. We will place protective foam blocks/plastic tabs under your furniture. This will allow the furniture to be raised and prevent any transfer of moisture that occurs as a result of the carpet cleaning and ensures protection of both the carpets and your furniture

Please note: KCJ does not recommend Dry Carpet Cleaning for heavily soiled carpets, this is preferred for light soiling only.

Additional Services

We are able to provide the below additional services for cleaning your carpets if required and to achieve optimal results:

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