Tile & Grout Cleaning

With our specialised equipment and techniques we will deeply & thoroughly clean your tiles and grout on the floors and walls of your bathroom area. We will remove the build-up and have your old tiles shining and looking like new again. Plus we can also seal your tiles to prevent staining and help retain the cleanliness. After the KCJ tile & grout clean, your tiles will regain their sparkle.

To achieve the best clean to your tiles KCJ follows the below steps:

  1. Pre-inspection – We will conduct a careful assessment of your tiled areas to determine the type of tiles laid at your property and determine the best cleaning method.
  2. Pre-Clean – We will then sweep the area to remove any loose dirt and debris prior to cleaning.
  3. Pre-Treatment - Pre-Treatments will be applied to your tiles to allow it to start to break down soiling. Based on the type of tiles that are installed there are different solutions that are able to be used to ensure the best finished results for your tiles.
  4. High Pressure Steam Cleaning - We will clean your tiled surfaces using our efficient and high quality state of the art equipment by using high temperature and high pressure steam. This machine is highly efficient and has revolutionised tile cleaning. This is so we can ensure that we are able to utilise higher heat, larger extraction power and more rinsing ability. The high quality of the equipment that we are using ensures that we are able to guarantee great results for your tiles and a super clean.
  5. Drying - The tile surfaces are dry mopped with towels and then blow-dried using high-speed air movers.

Additional Services

Rotary Agitation – Rotary agitation using a special agitation pad is carried out to tiles to loosen any dirt and soiling and provide your tiles and grout with a deeper clean. This is especially recommended for tiles that are heavily textured.

Seal/Protect - After your tiles are cleaned and dry we are able to then apply a grout sealer to your tiles to seal the tile and grout and prevent any dirt or liquid from penetrating your clean tiles and staining them. This will also aid in maintaining your tiles and ensuring they stay cleaner and look better for longer.

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