Additional Services

Clean Carpet Sanitizer

There are many reasons that you may need to look at utilising a sanitizer when you have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned. You may have pets in your home, little children in your home that are keeping you busy with their crawling, or maybe you have had your carpets cleaned previously but they were left wet so bacterial spores have formed deep in your carpet fibres.

Standard cleaning solutions that are used on carpets only remove dirt and soil, but using the Microban Clean Carpet Sanitizer in conjunction with a professional carpet cleaning service, not only reduces and controls the growth of fungi and bacteria but also helps to neutralise the nasty odours associated with these problems.

This great product will clean, sanitize and deodorize your carpets and rugs leaving them cleaner and fresher than ever. Routine treatments using this product will continue to kill odour-causing microorganism and deodorise your carpets to extend its life and should be considered an integral part of your carpet cleaning maintenance program.

Plus one of the best things about this sanitiser is that it is safe for stain resistant carpets and wool.


Stain Treatment

Stains are unavoidable in your home or business and unsightly, however having them treated by a professional stain remover is the best course of action to remedy this problem. The longer a spot is left untreated the more difficult it becomes to be removed so you need to act fast.

By contacting KCJ we are able to offer you a fast, friendly and professional stain removal service. We specialise in stain removal and are fully trained and qualified to clean and treat your stain affected carpets and fabrics.

As soon as your spill occurs, act quickly and contact us so your stain doesn’t become permanent.


Stain Protection

Stain Protection is the perfect way to help protect and guard your carpet/rug/fabric against staining as it acts as an invisible barrier. This could consist of such substances like food and drink or even body sweat which is one of the hardest marks to remove from fabric. It also aids in stains being removed more easily the next time carpet/rug/fabric are cleaned. We recommend adding a stain protection service to your carpet/rug/fabric cleans. This will ensure that the look of your carpet/rug/fabric is maintained and is actually prolonging the life.


Dust-mite anti-allergen

Dust Mites in your home is the most common cause of allergies. These allergies can make it difficult to breath, may trigger asthma (especially in children) and cause wheezing, coughing as well as sneezing, runny or blocked nose, itchy eyes and skin itchiness.

Unfortunately dust mites are found in nearly all homes, no matter how frequently or how much you clean. The best method to combat these mites is with the regular treatment and steam cleaning of your carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses by a professional cleaning company. This cleaning used in conjunction with a special anti-dust mite treatment eradicates mites, their eggs and their faeces.


Urine Odour Removal

The removal of pet urine and odours can be most problematic due to the urine penetrating deep down into the fibres of the carpet. The urine doesn’t fully evaporate as it crystallises and stays in the carpet and locks the animal scent into the fibres. The only way the odour and urine can be completely removed is to have the area cleaned by professional Carpet Cleaners.

Due to pets being territorial they will continue to return to the same spot to mark their scent. Having KCJ provide a deep thorough steam clean of this area combined with special cleaning solutions will address the major issues caused by urine:

  • Odour
  • Crystalline deposits
  • Bacterial growth

We are also able to conduct additional treatments to your carpets to aid in improving the odour:

  • Bacterial treatment
  • Urine neutralising treatment

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