Carpet Cleaning in Yeerongpilly

What would you do if your expensive carpet shrunk after cleaning? Carpets are characterised by a wool face fibre and a jute backing yarn interwoven together. While these carpets aren’t easy to shrink, poor cleaning that leaves the jute wet can lead to backing shrinking.

The main reason why they shrink is that of poor cleaning. It is either underpowered equipment or just bad technique. If the cleaning machine is too small and not suitable it cannot extract enough water out of the carpet, which means the carpet may then shrink. The bad technique could be with the cleaners applying too much pre-spray cleaning agents and too much water in rinsing.

You will probably ask how to avoid carpets from shrinking? Your carpet needs to be cleaned correctly in order to avoid shrinking. It is therefore essential to choose a cleaning company such KCJ Carpet Cleaning in Yeerongpilly with extensive knowledge and training- as well as one possessing the most powerful cleaning equipment that will ensure your carpet remains the size you bought it in.

Carpet Cleaning in Yeerongpilly

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Our friendly and well-trained technicians love what they do and this shows in the end results. We only use the best equipment as recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and all of our products are completely safe to people and animals as well as the environment. Call us now on 1300 006 226.