Carpet Cleaning in Tennyson

After shopping, you might want to install your carpet as soon as possible to add beauty to your home, but you have to remember that it important that it gets cleaned. You may not want to do this task but it is important for your health. New carpets can have harmful toxins from factories or from the production course.

Chemicals and machines used during the carpet making process contain harmful substances. These can be from by products from the fabric making or preservative chemicals. These are necessary to preserve carpets while they are in storage.

The other factor that contributed to harmful particles can come from the storage. If improperly stored, your carpet can come in contact with all sorts of bacteria and dirt. In prolonged storage areas, dust can settle into your carpet. Not to mention when the carpet is in the store for display, the main source of dust and debris can come from human contact. This is the main reason why carpet cleaning is important to your new carpet.

Carpet Cleaning in Tennyson

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KCJ offers professional carpet cleaning in Tennyson, cleaning that removes harmful pollutants and allergens that are built up in your carpet making your home much safer environment. Contact us to book your next carpet clean so we can help protect the health of your family and prolong the life of your new carpet. Call us on 1300 006 226.