Carpet Cleaning in Sunnybank

Most carpet owners know the importance of regular cleaning. Do it yourself deep cleaning is hard as it requires years of training, knowledge, the right equipment and products which is not easy to find. Calling the Professional Carpet Cleaning in Sunnybank, yes we are experienced and been working for years as carpet cleaners. This is the most ultimate steps to carpet clean that you will ever have done to your carpets and achieves optimum results for your flooring.

Complete carpet testing and checking – This will enable us to conduct fibre identification, survey any spots and stains and evaluate any existing problems with your carpet.

Furniture Movement – we will carefully move any furniture that is required to be moved around the house to allow us access to the carpet to carry out the cleaning process.

Pre-condition/Pre-spot – pre-conditioners and pre-spot treatments will be applied heated to your carpets to allow it to start to break down soiling and treat any spots.

Rotary Agitation – Rotary agitation using a special agitation pad is carried out on your carpets to loosen any dirt and soiling in the carpet

Steam Clean – We will steam clean your carpets using our state of the art cleaning equipment by using a carpet wand or the RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor machine.

Deodorise & Neutralise – This will leave your carpets smelling clean and fresh and removes the sticky residue that may be left as part of the cleaning process.

Dry Padding – We will rotary dry pad your carpets to ensure there is no additional moisture and reduce the drying time.  This also aids in picking up any remaining remnants of soiling and brightens your carpets leaving them up to 20% cleaner.

Grooming – grooming is our final step and it will ensure we leave your carpet looking fantastic.  This will remove any cleaning & machine marks while enhancing the drying process.

Carpet Cleaning in Sunnybank

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