Carpet Cleaning in St Lucia

To attain a clean carpet that’s free of germs and bacteria, you’ll need to have it regularly or every 6 months cleaned by a professional. Regular carpet and rug care can help in between professional cleanings.

Give your carpet some time in vacuuming as often as you can and make sure you do a thorough job. This means going throughout the floor to allow the vacuum time to pick up all unnecessary particles. High quality vacuums are the best choice, as they get up the most debris, dust and pollen.

Here are some tips to help keep germs, bacteria, dust and pollen out of your house and carpets:

  1. Use entrance mats outside of your doors to help get rid of the particles.
  2. Removing your shoes and leaving them outside or on a mat just inside your door to help prevent dirt and debris from being tracked onto carpets.
  3. Vacuum carpets and rugs on a daily basis to pick up dry dirt and debris.
  4. Spot clean other stains or soils as they happen.

Carpet Cleaning in St Lucia

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Maintaining and keeping your carpet clean is more than just healthy, as it can also help to prolong the life of the carpet. Call KCJ Carpet Cleaning in St Lucia on 1300 006 226 to request your free estimate.