Carpet Cleaning in Norman Park

Most of us ignore the importance of having your carpets professionally cleaned. After all, you have your reliable vacuum cleaner whenever you see dirt in your carpet. But is it really reliable? So is a professional cleaning really worth it? The answers may depend in the carpet. Surprisingly, carpet traps a lot of unseen bacteria, dirt, hair and of course, dust mites. Even regularly vacuuming your carpet with a high suction vacuum will leave a majority of dust and bacteria intact. A more thorough clean may be needed. Through this carpet be sanitized and stain-free, it will look and smell fresh. Here are some of the procedures that professional carpet cleaning in Norman Park will give you a sense of the benefits of complex clean.

Pre Inspection Pre-Vacuuming & Pre-Treatment

These initial steps are essentially meant to prime the carpet for a deep cleaning. We will conduct a pre-inspection of your carpet.  This will enable us to conduct fibre identification, survey any spots and stains and evaluate any existing problems with your carpet.  This will also allow us to determine if the Dry Carpet Clean is suitable to clean to be used on your carpets. The vacuuming is done with a commercial vacuum to remove the finest dust and hair before the complete extraction process. Pre-conditioners and pre-spot treatments will be applied hot to your carpets to allow it to start to break down soiling and treat any spots.

Agitation & Deodorization

A powerful extraction system is used to remove all dirt embedded in the carpet. This cleaning process actually cleans the base of the carpet fibres through a highly effective steam cleaning system. Once this is completed, a quick dry process is used to remove excess water from the carpet. Finally, a deodorizing treatment is used to ensure the carpet smells as great as it looks.

Neutralizer, Post Spot Treatment, and Grooming

This will leave your carpets smelling clean and fresh and removes the sticky residue that may be left as part of the cleaning process. Grooming is our final step and it will ensure we leave your carpet looking fantastic.  This will remove any cleaning & machine marks while enhancing the drying process.

Carpet Cleaning in Norman Park

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