Carpet Cleaning in Mount Gravatt

Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is a necessity to maintain the vibe of the fibres that are being compromised by the dust and dirt. However, there are improper ways to clean your carpet which can actually shorten its life. Here are common mistakes that carpet owners do and should be avoided.

Vacuuming too often – vacuuming can destroy your carpet through the process, but only very slowly over time. If you vacuum once a week your carpet will still last a long time, but vacuuming more often will wear it out even faster.

Using the wrong type of vacuum – Using a vacuum with a sharp bar and brush on a shaggy pile carpet will only cause the fibres to wear, tear and fray quickly. Make sure to use a vacuum that will do no harm to your carpet.

Letting stains sit on the carpet – Attending to spills and stains immediately is very vital, by not cleaning it up as quickly as possible it will be much harder to clean and may cause permanent staining.

Using harmful chemicals- Chemicals like bleach are never good for your carpet because it damages the fibres and causes them to become weaker.

Carpet Cleaning in Mount Gravatt

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If you want to avoid this mistakes and want your carpet to last long make sure to call KCJ Carpet Cleaning in Mount Gravatt we have the right equipment and products that will preserve the freshness and appearance of your carpet. Call us now on 1300 006 226.