Carpet Cleaning in Everton Park

Do you realize how dirty your carpets are? Perhaps it is the dirtiest thing in your house. You can tell how dirty a carpet looks like just by looking at the stains accumulating over time. Apart from this dirty carpets pose a health risk for you and your family.

So what exactly are the health risks? Bacteria such as E.Coli can make you seriously ill, but that’s not all. There are other health risks presented by dirty carpets. One of these is mould that can carry bacteria, it can also lead to respiratory problems, especially for people who are suffering from allergies. People with allergies can also suffer from the presence of dust mites. These are common, however if they are present in large quantities these can also lead to discomfort, including irritation and skin rashes.

Fungus can be found in your dirty carpet and it can cause you and your family harm.  One of the most common fungi effect to human is athlete’s foot. It may be common but it is rarely serious, but is unpleasant and it can spread easily if left untreated.

Carpet Cleaning in Everton Park

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Therefore, it is beneficial to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Though, most people who choose to DIY, carpet cleaning requires a precise set of skills, knowledge and expertise, Only professional carpet cleaners can do the Job. Call KCJ Carpet Cleaning in Everton Park now on 1300 006 226.