Carpet Cleaning in Berrinba

Vacuuming and carpet cleaning are both significant parts of keeping carpets in good condition and for a fresh and appealing home. However, both cleaning processes are different. Here are some reason why vacuuming and carpet cleaning are different.

Depth -A vacuum cleaner can only clean the surface which can often only remove a small portion of dirt and dust that ends up on the floor. Carpet cleaning though goes much deeper into the fibres to remove deep-set allergens, smells and stains that a vacuum cleaner cannot come close to reaching.

Health -Vacuuming has no ability to remove the bacteria coming from the outside world.  The professional carpet cleaners use chemicals that are able to kill these bacteria in order to protect yourself, your family and any possible future house guests

Warranties –Manufactures will usually require carpet owner to have the cleaners taken care by the professionals for deep cleaning to maintain the warranty. A vacuum cleaner does not count as a deep cleaning due to its inability to move beyond the surface.

Time-Vacuuming is at an advantage because it can be done several times a week if required without the need to rearrange furniture or make other preparations. A thorough cleaning can take up more time and only needs to be used a few times a year.

Carpet Cleaning in Berrinba

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