Carpet Cleaning in Wacol

Unknown to many, the carpet in any room of your house is the largest air filter present. Mites, moulds and different allergens can sit on your carpet. As it filters air, carpet gives a safe home to several offenders known to make people sick.

Dust mites can cause health issues like itchy, watery eyes to severe symptoms such as respiratory illness and asthma.

No one likes mould, especially homeowners with carpet not only with the unpleasant appearance. The worst thing is when inhaled, these spores can cause headaches, coughs and eye/throat irritation.

Your family brings pollen into the home from their clothing. It’s no secret pollen puts tens of thousands of people in an allergy fog each year, often leading to infection and illness in need of doctor’s care.

Allergens can settle into the carpet and drift up in the air once the carpet is walked on. When you and your family breathe the allergens, they may become sick. It is in your best interest to make your home as safe and healthy as possible.

Carpet Cleaning in Wacol

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Regular vacuuming will help eliminate allergens, but nothing beats having Professional Carpet Cleaning in Wacol in your home. It leads to a happier and healthier family. Call us now on 1300 006 226.